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I was born in Massachusetts, but have lived on the west coast since 1995. I lived in Portland, OR for 4 years and have just recently moved to San Francisco.

Relaxing in Olympic National Park -About the Artist
Relaxing in Olympic National Park

It is through photography that I aspire to communicate the peace and awe that I feel when I am in nature. By exploring the textures, forms, patterns and rhythms of our environment, I hope to share my deepening appreciation for the balance that exists all around us and the interconnection of all things on earth.

I create photographic images of the natural world in my continual exploration for balance and connection. I believe these concepts are central to being, and vital to harmonious existence on this planet. It is in the natural world that I see most clearly these ideas realized. The more time I spend in nature, the more I revere it and am reminded that we are not outside of it, but are tightly woven into it.


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About the Artist
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This is my artist's statement from my most recent gallery show at City Art Gallery in San Francisco:

reflection - perception - connection
or: what I do & why I do it
August 3rd – 28th, 2005
City Art Gallery, SF, CA

I chose the title for this show because it expresses ideas that describe how I make my art, as well as ideals by which I hope to live my life. They are also subjects in and of themselves.

When I make a photograph, it is the result of a process. I need to feel that I am part of place before I can start to create images that express what that place means to me. I may make multiple visits to the same location. I think about it, write about it, and experience the sights, smells, sounds and energy that exist there. Then I use the camera to communicate my experience.

Almost all of these photographs are nature images. Natural shapes, patterns, and textures that form over eons are, to me, the most beautiful. They are a product of a dynamic balance between rock, water, air and life. Being in these places, creating these photographs, helps me feel in harmony with existence.

Light, and how we see it, is an amazing thing. Light reflects off objects, enters our eyes, and our brains tell us what`s out there. Or what it thinks is out there. What are you really seeing when you look at these images? How does your brain make the connection between a collection of colors and patterns on a piece of paper to the "real" thing out in the "real" world?

So that`s what "reflection – perception – connection", and my photography, means to me. Perhaps it means something completely different to you. I`d love to hear your thoughts. Please sign my show journal below. And if you`d like to see more examples of my work, visit my website, www.ingersollphoto.com. I can also be contacted by phone at 415.517.1879, or email at jonathan@ingersollphoto.com. And, of course, prints are always available for purchase in a range of sizes, from 8x10 to 16x20 (print size).

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